Worshipping with believers in Kenya

Bill who is part of our home church operates his own IT business. At a networking event he was asked to clean up a laptop that was being donated for a pastor in Kenya. Through that opportunity, Bill and Jim, the pastor have communicated via email and Skype over the past year. 2 weeks ago Bill received an email from Jim that a 35-year old man in their community had suddenly passed away leaving behind a wife and 5 children. 4 of the children are school age and they needed $260 for school uniforms and supplies to be able to attend school. We wired them the funds they needed and the kids are now able to go to school. Last Saturday we had the opportunity to skype with several of their church members. It was amazing! There we were, about 20 believers, adults and kids, gathered together in my living room listening to these Kenyan believers singing songs and preaching the word to us. We sang songs back to them. They shared testimonies; we shared testimonies. It was 5 am their time but they were so excited to be awake and sharing with us. They told us about their day ahead of worshipping and preaching. They thanked us for the monetary gift as if it was a million dollars and prayed God’s rich blessings on us. It was an incredible experience. Pray for Jim and his ministry in Kenya. I will post pictures they sent of the children in their school uniforms.