Values God has used to encourage Homechurch Planters…

Values God has used to encourage Homechurch Planters in Texas for a decade:

1. The Holy Spirit is the best guide in church planting. He sees persons we don’t. He stirs hearts that we can’t. He wants to transform lives around us more than our personal vision or specific plans can fathom.

Many times I’ve passionately pushed ahead with my own “good ideas” instead of waiting, waiting, waiting longer than is comfortable for Him to stop me and redirect me to what HE sees for my ministry. (Paul allowed the Spirit to stop him twice from the directions he wanted to go, and redirect him to Lydia and the jailer…persons only the Spirit knew were “ready.” Acts 16)

2. Any Christ-follower has God’s permission to plant a church, so we should affirm that for jailers, and Lydia’s, and tentmakers everywhere. 2 Peter 2:9, Acts 16: 6-34

3. “Prisca and Aquila” type churches are not the only effective “model” of church, but they are the only kind of church that has been effective in every country, culture, class of society, and century since Christ. They can and have thrived everywhere, under any conditions. So, they can thrive anywhere today. Romans 16:3-5

4. Churches that cost nothing monetarily, owe nothing, and own nothing (no building, no salaries, no overhead) have greater potential for completely saturating every oikos in a community, city, or culture, because they have no dependence on funding…every resource of time and money can be spent on living-out the Great Commission.

5. After sharing Jesus, the most life-changing ministry we can pursue with a group is planting a simple Body of Christ, a Church, birthed along with them, empowering them to be His Hands, His Heart, His Voice, & His Compassion in their circle of relationships.