Tire Shop Church I saw this cross hanging…

Tire Shop Church?

I saw this cross hanging in a run down used tire shop while getting a flat changed. It told me someone there had faith or was searching for it.

There were only 3 guys, working 12 hours a day 7 days a week….dirty, bone tired, bent over a wheel most of the time.

Where might they “go” to church? Would they go if there was a special event? Or a sermon series? Or a pageant? No No and No.

The only way they would “go” to church is if a Christ-follower planted a Romans 16:3-5 type church with them at work….maybe on their lunch break. I knew a car repair guy that did something like this for his shop friends…very basic but they were sincerely the Body of Christ together. And there was LIFE there!

Do you know of a tire shop like this?
What does the Holy Spirit say to you about it???