The church at work in Japan

Andrew Jones shares an e-mail from a friend in Japan who is coping with the after-effects of last week’s earthquake and tsunami and working to find ways to care for those around them…

Hi, Andrew …

Our friends from church (Luke Cummings, Joey Millard, Hiroyuki Kosaka) left for Sendai (Tohoku Area near earthquake center), yesterday with some goods,on a trolley, right after getting the permission from the local administration in Tohoku. (roads are closed, you need official permission papers to go through.) Luke’s paretns are in Sendai, and found their parents safe.

There are [part of] an org called CRASH TOHOKU QUAKE RELIEF. Our church, Osaka house church and some other churches are getting involved. This organization started to send some teams for start up research, and [are] planning to send volunteers from next week. Dai Fukuda told me that you can read their meeting memo on facebook. (You remember Dai Fukuda, dont you?)

Dai told me that, Osaka house church network, invited Crash for workshop about a week before this earth quake, because they took the prophesy seriously, the prophesy that japan would be hit by a [h]uge earthquake. So, this time, Osaka house church will be involved in this org.

As I heard from friends around, churches are trying to respond, rather individually, but I m not really sure how it will be from now. NGOs, NPOs, and many individuals are trying to do something, and I recieved lots of mails about those things. At the same time, there are [fake] fund-raising, spam mailing all around…

Well, then, as for your kind suggestion about which org or activity people can donate For now, I have no specific org or activities to suggest, just because there are so many, and at this stage of disaster, it is not really clear which org will do what and where they do that.

I will update, as stuation proceeds, and as I got more useful info.

Tokyo area got influenced by this earthquake, rather in panic because of breakdown of infrastructure system, fear of next earthquake, tragedy in Tohoku. But we are trying to get economy/business runnning. (I m going back to work for now…)

Thanks for your prayers!!
Mika Goto

Christian Relief, Assistance, Support and Hope (CRASH) brings Christ’s love to communities suffering after disasters. CRASH works closely with local churches in Japan in the areas most affected. CRASH also mobilizes the missionary community and local churches to help out with disaster relief.

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