Tentmaker Fisherman Taxman You…any Christfollower is given permission…

Tentmaker.Fisherman.Taxman.You…any Christfollower is given permission to have church:

Think about it….“Teaching them to observe all that I commanded you” certainly includes…
+ Loving God
+ Loving persons
+Being His Hands, Heart, Voice, and Compassion in your circle of relationships

+++These ARE the life-rhythms of the simplechurch we see in Acts 2.

The “making disciples” in Matthew 28 and “simple church planting” throughout Acts are the same thing.
If your group is acting like this, then God has indicated that He sees them as a church, the Body of Christ, in their little slice of the world! (Romans 16:3-5)

You don’t need any man’s permission to live in such a way.

Everyone I know believes Matthew 28:19-20 was Christ’s “Great Commission” to all true disciples, not just “vocational” pastors & missionaries. So, any sincere Christfollower has God’s approval for beginning such a gathering.

Before you begin, find yourself a “Paul” for your own on-going wise-counsel…2 Tim. 2:2…

But YOU are already the only tentmaker/fisherman/taxman, i.e., “group-leader” that your circle of overlooked friends will “do” life with, at least for right now.

You have permission…any tentmaker, fisherman, or taxman is already approved by Him.