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Slavery Brought Out Recently I shared with greenchurch…

Slavery:Brought Out

Recently I shared with greenchurch about someone who had paid the funds to “buy” a worker in another country out of “slavery”. In essence their slavery was their debt to a manufacturer/owner who made sure the debt never got paid off…but slavery was still the reality for this worker who couldn’t leave.

Because we have no building, no debt, no salaries to worry about we look for ways to give everything away and one of the men gave me an extra offering to help “buy” another person out of slavery….and I did. We found some abused girls, now grown, who were captives to a brothel and the lifestyle that goes with it. I suppose we haven’t “bought” them out of slavery, but we have helped a Christfollower in that country who has “brought” them out.

It’s what Christ would do. No building and no salaries and no bills to pay is one of the best rhythms of church life we have found.

It’s good to give everything away every month. I like it better than spending money on…well, you know…a church sponsored easter-egg hunt just doesn’t compare with helping some out of slavery.

www.greenchurch.info shares our story

God has made us hungry for authentic churches…

God has made us hungry for authentic churches that actually gather in the everyday places of life…out there where persons struggle, dream, laugh, and hurt.

Friends pulling together, making a difference for someone who needs it, and following Christ with unhesitating abandonment.

In the last week of run across ChristOnes who are being the church in their circles of community at campus student centers, apartments, homes, cafes, mobile home parks, motels, work places, informal school places, lunch spots, & parking lots.

Just regular Texas Christfollowers…somewhat like fishermen, carpenters, shepherds, tax-collecters, jailers, tentmakers, cloth sellers…like you read about all over the New Testament.

Its divinely blessed & revolutionary (again) in all the right ways.
Its OK…enjoy.


Urban Christ Couple 1 They don’t always…

1. They don’t always get to live in their city of choice
2. They have their own business/trade and restart it wherever life takes them
3. They live life & follow Christ as a couple…they invest in persons & Kingdom causes together
4. They are passionate, willing to risk their lives serving God
5. They use their home to plant a simple Body-of-Christ, a church, becoming HIS Heart/Hands/Voice/Compassion with friends…transforming lives in their community

The prototype couple is Priscilla & Aquila, Acts 18, Romans 16, etc……
But what would an Urban-Christ-Couple look like in your community?

YOU of course…..live it.