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Christ Communities all over Texas Lubbock Garland Huntsville…

Christ-Communities all over Texas….Lubbock.Garland.Huntsville.Katy.Houston.Dallas.Laredo….

Already in 2013 I’m hearing from simplechurches being developed among:

Home groups of friends, young mens “pick-up” basketball groups, young parents, English tutoring groups, inner-city teens, inmates who have become true Christ-followers…..

It can happen anywhere and everywhere….free, powerful, contagious.

Send me your example to encourage & share with others on this site
Guy is baptizing in a home church group near Houston


Babies at Greenchurch They will learn to help…

Babies at Greenchurch

They will learn to help persons with food and clothes and acceptance.
They will someday help give everything away.
They will experience community, prayer, and mutual support.
They will discover “church” that serves others and lets them serve, rather than pouring time and money into events.
They will get to talk with the group about what God is saying to them through a Bible passage.
They will see/know/experience/live what it means to be a Christ-follower. www.greenchurch.info

Bagpipes in worship coats for 5 little girls…

Bagpipes in worship, coats for 5 little girls, food for a struggling mother of 3…

Add prayer, friendship, scripture dialogue, and benevolence plans for Christmas, Childrens Bible time, and it was truly the Body of Christ as we gathered in the parking lot church yesterday.