Just Blind Dependence on HIM

Who orchestrated the multiplication/groups/location/spread of homechurches in the world of Paul (Acts 16:6-34)….Paulwould probably not have chosen Lydia’s home or the Jailer’s…he wanted to go Asia instead!

Who taught church multiplication in the home of Prisca & Aquila (Rom. 16:3-5)…they probably never even considered the idea…they were just living a contagious Christ-life and persons carried that with them wherever life (God) moved them.

Who teaches/strategizes church planting today….ummm…more than a little “manna manufactiring” going on…with the best of motives and man-sized fruit. I have failed too much to race ahead with my good plans for planting churches.

The book of Acts paints a portrait of a rapidly reproducing and rapidly advancing movementof God that was naturally spontaneous. It is evident in reading Acts “that after Pentecost everything that happened was by the impulse of the spirit.” (Roland Allen, The Spontaneous Expansion of the Church)

There must be a move from today’s focus and dependence on man-centered methodologies and strategies to a renewed Biblical practice of the Spirit’s guidance and empowerment in all that we say or do…(Kenny Moore, workshop)

Clearly true for me. I’m going back to blind dependence on HIM…I just have no confidence in my insights anymore.
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