Jesus Film or Holy Spirit how to gather…

Jesus Film or Holy Spirit….how to gather a God-prepared crowd:

A former missionary
in Africa says his team quit going into villages and showing the Jesus film because
too many who responded were only curious and joined in a church plant, but didn’t stick with their profession of faith. Within a few months the new church would wither and die.

It happened over and over again. The missionaries, though their motives were good, realized they were depending too much on a man made event to draw the crowd and they were getting man made results.

Instead they began to pray that God would lead them to a “person-of-peace” (Luke 10:1-9)…usually just one person God had made ready for Christ and a ultimately for a church….a person who opened the door to his/her circle of relationships and brought friends/family to the Christ News he/she was learning about. This person and their relationships became the crowd-drawer, not an event.

Even with much prayer and prayerwalking in the area sometimes it took as much as 14 months to “encounter” this person…..other times it took less than five minutes
….but prayer and a God-arranged encounter was the key.

The believers and churches started in this
manner began with only a few, but flourished, grew, deepened, and lasted. They were drawn together out of deep spiritual needs and trusted relationships to the living Christ.

Why would we do it any other way?