Cyclists Church somebody please begin one A ride…

Cyclists Church, somebody please begin one!

A ride-up “bike trail church” for cycling enthusiasts…what might that look like?

Weekly Gatherings could easily include the following:

~hydrating and talking bikes/rides/gear (community)
~refocusing for the week on God’s awesome creation & ways (worship)
~finding some way to help kids, sick, or hungry people…helping projects (missional)
~a Bible truth that helps with everyday living (discipleship)

…all bikes are ok with us…fast/slow/new/old/cool/rusty…as long as you’re on it!

Sunday mornings are a prime time for cyclists, so its easy for them to miss regular church.
But Jesus went out where the people were, so we can too.

Ask your pastor if he would be your “Paul” and provide you with regular prayer support & wise counsel, then follow the Spirit into the lives of some great people searching for what only Christ can provide in life.

Complete 4 page mini-guide on “how-to-begin” posted on sidebar at