Tall Skinny Kiwi writes We are camped about…

Tall Skinny Kiwi writes:

We are camped about 15kms from Ephesus, Turkey. So this morning, being Sunday, we passed the Bible around the family and each of us read a chapter of Ephesians.

What stuck out to me was when Paul addresses the children directly:

“Children, obey your parents.” 6:1

This letter would have been read out to family groups – fathers, mothers, children all sitting together, like we were this morning. Paul did not say “Parents, when you go home, tell your children to obey you.” The children were there. Church had not become a boring meeting designed for parents and no longer endurable by children.

I wonder how many church services today are geared for the whole family and how many have slipped into the assumption that church is a boring meeting for older people, a meeting that children could not possibly sit through without leaving right before the message for a more child-friendly experience.

This past week I’ve been working through some of the administrative side of getting childcare for our community group. With 12 adults and 14 kids under 16, it’s something our community sees as important. But what if…