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The church I’d like to see

Awesome salad

Gene Anderson shares about the church he’d like to see on his blog. He quotes Greg Stevens in his explanation:

“An Acts 2 church that is an all white, SUV driving, evangelical, tea-party gathering in the suburbs is a fantastic contradiction in terms…

We need to host a gathering where the rich and lonely, the Hispanics in south side, the arm-chair revolutionaries, the pierced and tattooed, gays and lesbians, single and married, clean and sober, addicted and dying, undocumented workers from Mexico, crooked lawyers, honest lawyers, and school teachers who barely make enough to get by but choose to work with students marginalized by the system.

People who are married and wish they were divorced, people who spend money when they don’t have it, people who are drunks but aren’t willing to admit it, people who support the president and people who want to subvert him, people who oppose the violence of war and those who fight in it, people who have made mistakes and people who continue making them.

All welcome to one giant classless community celebration of resurrection.”

Sounds like a great giant bowl of salad to me! One with a beautiful blending of flavors, all covered with the dressing of the Holy Spirit.

Doesn’t sound easy – but sure sounds beautiful!

What do you think?