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Just love them like Jesus

My friend Mark Horvath asks, “What would Jesus do to end youth homelessness?

Meet Doyle Robinson, the founder of Sox Place, a drop in center near downtown Denver. Doyle is a former youth pastor who started to hand out socks to homeless youth. Of course, Doyle is faith based and loves God. Having worked for a church he knows the bible, yet he was just building relationships with the simple act of handing a homeless youth some “freshies”. He wasn’t asking the kids to say a prayer or for anything from them in return. He was just loving on the kids the best way he knew how – giving out socks!

That simple act of intentional kindness grew into a drop in center for street youth that now provides meals, clothes, crisis intervention, and referral services. When you walk into Sox Place, you won’t see a bible anywhere, unless one of the kids brings it out. See, the reason Sox Place exists is to provide real love to kids who have been at war with love. As Doyle says in this video, everything that we talk about being love – family – church – school – has been bad to them. Yes, homeless youth face serious problems every day, but the real problem is what happened to them ‘back then’ – when they were beaten – abused – neglected – and situations that are unthinkable.

Horvath suggests that the simple act of loving others without judgment would go a long way in not only ending homelessness – but make a real change in people’s perception of church.

Heck, imagine if church was a place where we could all just go as we truly are – to be loved on without judgment! I’d even start going to church again!!!

Insights Christians can learn from a Hindu leader

Gandhi – Photo via WikiCommons

Gandhi was asked by Christian missionary E. Stanley Jones how Christianity could naturalized in India and become a part of India’s uplift and redemption. Gandhi gave 4 suggestions…

1. Christians should live more like Jesus. “If you come to us in the spirit of your Master, we cannot resist you.”
2. Practice your religion without adulterating or toning it down.
3. Put your emphasis upon love, “for love is the center and soul of Christianity.”
4. Study the non-Christian religions and culture in order to find the good in them, “so you might have a more sympathetic approach to the people.”

– via Brian McLaren (Why did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Muhammad Cross the Road)

Imagine if Christians, living life together in simple churches started to live out their faith like this.

How would that change your outlook or life?

How would it change your neighborhood?