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Insights Christians can learn from a Hindu leader

Gandhi – Photo via WikiCommons

Gandhi was asked by Christian missionary E. Stanley Jones how Christianity could naturalized in India and become a part of India’s uplift and redemption. Gandhi gave 4 suggestions…

1. Christians should live more like Jesus. “If you come to us in the spirit of your Master, we cannot resist you.”
2. Practice your religion without adulterating or toning it down.
3. Put your emphasis upon love, “for love is the center and soul of Christianity.”
4. Study the non-Christian religions and culture in order to find the good in them, “so you might have a more sympathetic approach to the people.”

– via Brian McLaren (Why did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Muhammad Cross the Road)

Imagine if Christians, living life together in simple churches started to live out their faith like this.

How would that change your outlook or life?

How would it change your neighborhood?