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This Transforms How Persons Actually Live:

After sharing Jesus, the most life-changing ministry we can pursue with a group is planting a simple Body of Christ, a Church, birthed along with them, empowering them to be His Hands, His Heart, His Voice, His Compassion in their circle of relationships. Ministry to human needs is still deeply important, but while these elevate lives, relieve suffering, honor Christ, and should be done, still, giving persons the supernatural “high” of being Christ’s Hands, or Heart, or Voice, or Compassion in another persons’ life immediately impacts them at their souls’ bedrock level… it begins to actually transform how they live for Christ.

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What Counts when Christ followers gather as where…

What Counts when Christ-followers gather as where-they-live simple churches:
LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE, MAKE DISCIPLES…..not how many come and sit!

“Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count;
everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted” (from Einstein I believe)

“We tend to count the apples in a tree, but not the trees in an apple” Anonymous