Alter Eph 2:8-9 No way but how about…

Alter Eph.2:8-9? No way…but how about Rom. 16:3-5?

Any Christ-follower would fight for the truth of God’s “grace”, but many dismiss the “freedoms” of His Church.

Church is Christ’s Body of Believers being His Hands, His Heart, His Voice, His Compassion in their slice of this worlds relationships. They can gather at a cathedral, but also at a home, a dorm, a breakroom, a park, or a riverbank….ANYWHERE 2 or 3 are gathered together!

We lose our way in living Matt. 28:19-20 when we keep it in a box and just try to bring persons to the box.

Yet many Christian leaders have said to me they aren’t sure if church gathering in a home is really a church… (that is clearly altering Rom. 16:5…Paul thought they were a church…Holy Scripture calls them a church….

Let’s enjoy the freedom HE has given us to live together as HIS Body wherever overlooked groups of friends live life. Let’s be volunteer shepherds (tentmakers with regular jobs) who “risk our necks” in following Christ and furthering His Kingdom.