God hasn’t forgotten you!

$50 for gas...God hasn't forgotten you!

This dad & daughter at a parking lot church yesterday (don’t you like the tailgate seats) heard a nurse share how she had used the $50 given to each participant weeks before to help someone that God brought their way….she noticed a young mom (with tiny baby) buying $5 gas for her car (less than 2 gallons)….so the nurse pulled out the $50 and gifted it to the mom saying simply, “God hasn’t forgotten you”. Tears came. Just hearing it filled hearts…best sermon of the day!
HAS ANYTHING LIKE THIS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU? Hide some money in your wallet and ask God to arrange an encounter with someone who needs to know HE hasn’t forgotten them…be patient…expect HIM to arrange an encounter.
That young mom will be telling her great grandkids about the experiences…..and she won’t forget GOD, not ever…..